I use design to drive systematic outcomes, inspire innovation, and co-create change.


I use design to transform businesses, facilitate systemic change, and co-create innovative solutions. At Schlumberger's innovation center, I orchestrate complex B2B solutions at the cutting edge of the energy industry including: big data, data science, digital analytics, digital platforms, and digital transformation.


With more than 10 years of design expertise, I love to solve complex problems and lead strategic initiatives across organizations. With a wide range of design experience, I can confidently drive everything from digital platforms to product-market fit solutions, and know how to keep things moving by building and sustaining teams to fit.

Product design

Embrace the role of designer as leader and orchestrator to inspire and orient innovation. Work with teams to design through complexity and accelerate the development of product and service experiences.

Design sprints & workshops

Lead design sprints/workshops on everything from digital interfaces for power plants to supercharging platforms with machine learning. Effectively coach multi-disciplinary teams through the design process, helping them test existing ideas and explore new possibilities.

Design research & strategy

Distill observations, uncover insights and help organizations reframe customer experiences through strategic design initiatives. Inspire new possibilities and accelerate the development of products, services, and platforms. 

Always chasing that next "a-ha" moment, I help teams realize product visions and create meaningful experiences that resonate with both customers and business needs. Interested - let’s connect!