selected works


Product Design

Data Studio

Home screen redesign

From books of business to assessing risk across portfolios, insurance providers are looking for ways to leverage machine learning in real-world business applications. Data Studio enables users to query mountains of data and address the industry's "first mile" data challenges.

Platform Design


GAIA Seismic Platform

The GAIA platform transformed seismic data offerings from Blockbuster to Netflix. The design initiative reimagined seismic data in the browser, and in the process, changed how clients access, manage and interpret seismic data.

Data science + design strategy

Data Science

Data science case study by Frank Noz

As the energy industry continues its digital transformation, this case study explores how design accelerates data science—to supercharge workflows and drive customer outcomes.

Design strategy + design thinking

Design sprints

Design Sprint Program Toolkit v 1.0

Oversaw and led the creation of a design sprint program to accelerate digital platforms, connect product teams and their end-users, and promote design across the business.

digital services playbook

Design playbook


I authored a playbook which communicated the latest design initiatives, highlighted best practices, and promoted digital platform design. The resulting Designing for Services playbook engaged senior executives and created new thinking about how design could drive impact across the organization.